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Steve Beck 

 Contemporary Christian Musician



The EP

God in the Coincidence

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You Will Be Saved

By Steve Beck


I heard the good news today,

And it stirred in my heart the beginnings of faith

That there's a God who died for my sins.

If I'm living by faith I'll live forever with him.



If you believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord confess it

       Proclaim it.

And you believe in your heart God raised him from the grave

       You will be saved.


Anyone who calls on his name

Will never be put to shame.

Because Jesus has shown us the way 

To be with him in heaven, and live in his presence. (To chorus)


Jesus hung on a cross next to a thief

Who believed Jesus was a savior and a king.

He said to Jesus, "Remember me."

And then Jesus promised him paradise,

"You'll be there this day with me." Oh! (To chorus)

Believe in your heart, confess with your mouth, you will be saved 

Lord, God you are so good to me.

Good to me, oh Lord you’re so good to me.

Show Me the Way Back Home

By Steve Beck



Show me the way back home.

In my weakness, I can’t find it.

I can’t find it on my own.

But with your grace I know I’ll find my way back home.


I have sinned against you and chosen my own way.

Didn’t trust your plan.  I didn’t have the faith.

Offending you who loves me so much.

I pray you’ll wash me clean, so I can feel your touch.


How long, Lord, will you hide your face from me?

How long must I suffer?  My heart’s full of grief.

How long, Lord, will you keep yourself from me?

Shine upon me, Lord, and help me see. (To chorus)


Since Adam’s time you kept your promises.

I have been the one who put myself in your stead.

I now recommit to you with all my heart and soul.

I will be your son, and you my Lord.  (To chorus)


My precious child, 

You’ve already found your way back home. 

My Provider’s Got My Back

By Steve Beck

I know that God is watching over me.

I trust He’ll lead me to a place of peace.

Mercy and love will surely follow me,

So I dance in the joy of the Lord.

I know that God is watching out for me.

He’s with me as I walk through scary streets,

And He has saved me from my enemies,

So I lift up the name of the Lord.


I know with you there is no lack,

And onto you I’m holding fast.

I know that you are gonna make me laugh.

Jehovah Jirah’s got my back.

God my provider’s got my back.  (So relax.)

I know that God is pouring over me

All kinds of blessings I had not foreseen.

I want to lay my life before my king,

So I praise Him with love as I sing.

I will not fret about what I will eat.

I will not stress about no shoes on my feet.

I’m not upset about the things that I need.

I know the Lord will provide them for me. 

Still I Will Praise You

By Steve Beck

I lost my wife, and my children, too,

And the family pets, and my business fell through.

Now I've lost my home, so I'll have to move,

And I hurt my knees, and I broke a tooth.



Lord I know that you....are gonna see me through,

But what I miss the giving back to you.

Now I feel all I have to give my broken heart.

All I have to my broken heart.

Still I will praise you....Oh, Lord.

Still I will praise you...Oh, Lord.


Now my friends think...I must be to blame,

And what I've done now a guessing game.

Well, the good Lord gives, and He takes away,

And now I've found a desolate place.

I will praise the Lord my God.

I will lift His holy name...bless His name forever.


I Saw You

By Steve Beck


I come here every day to pray

To seek your face within the shade

                 Of this fig tree.

I cry out and I bow down

With my face upon the ground.

       Lord, please hear my plea.

Lord, your people are enslaved.

We are humbled and ashamed.

Send Messiah here today, Oh.

Then I thought I heard God say,

Chorus: (In first chorus sing, "I SEE you.")

"I saw you under your fig tree.

I saw you bowing before me

In sadness and in shame 

Yet you honor my name.

Truly you're one of Israel's sons.

Truly you're one of Israel's sons.

I saw you."

So I prayed again today,

And bowed down and sought God's face

             Beneath this fig tree.

There's no future here for me

Casting nets upon the sea

     Lord, what will become of me?

Then my brother came to me,

And said, "We've found Him come and see."

At first I doubted then believed, Oh.

When Lord Jesus said to me,  (to chorus)

Truly you're one of Israel's sons.

And I saw you under your fig tree

I saw you bowing before me

With no future and no hope 

Now I've come to bring you both.

The work I've begun in you 

I intend to see it through.

Only the truth, there's no deceit within you.

Truly you're one of Israel's sons.

Truly you're one of Israel's sons.

Truly you're one of Israel's sons.

My Lord and my God,

You hear the prayers of your sons and daughters.

My Lord and my God,

You hear forgive and heal the land, my Lord. 



Steve Beck  
Contemporary Christian Music
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Photo by Joshua Silicato

Steve Beck is a Contemporary Christian musician who began performing Christian music on the drums in the 6th grade. In High School, he participated in multiple band and choir ensembles, sang with a school worship team and his church's choir, and was selected to join the All-State Chorus.  At the University of Delaware, Steve won the Music Merit Award, which granted him percussion lessons for a semester with Harvey Price-a percussionist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Steve continued to study with him for 8 semesters, and earned a minor degree in Applied Percussion.  He participated in three University ensembles, and accompanied two local Symphony Orchestras in his senior year.  During his time in college, Steve played the drum set and sang in 3 different rock groups, and also played in the pit band for two theater companies which produced Godspell and The Fantastics.  A year after graduation, Steve was playing the drums and singing full time with a Pop-Rock band called The Snap, who performed 4 times per week.

After 5 years with The Snap he was inspired to write Contemporary Christian Music similar to groups such as Jars of Clay, Third Day, Rich Mullins, and Casting Crowns.  Steve remembers, “It was in the mid 90’s that a Contemporary Christian Radio Station began broadcasting in my area, and I thought ‘This is the kind of music I want to write.’”  He joined his brother’s Contemporary Christian band, started a Contemporary Christian DJ company, and volunteered with his church’s worship team where he often would lead worship at Friday Night Worship services on the guitar.


Steve recently produced a 5 song EP entitled Godcidence to encourage, inspire, and bring glory to Jesus.



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Photo by Joshua Silicato

• Steve Beck: Producer, songwriter, lead & backing vocals, percussion, strings, & horns programmer.

•Todd Kreuzburg at Co-producer, engineer, all guitars including bass, backing vocals on My Provider’s Got My Back, programmer of strings, keys, horns, some bass guitar, & percussion.

• Karalee Watts: Piano on Show Me The Way Back Home, backing vocals on Show Me The Way Back Home & You Will Be Saved.

• Barbie Kelley of WindMusic.US: Flute & backing vocals on I Saw You.

• Tobe Modu: Piano on I Saw You.

• Liz Kelley Tavernier, courtesy of the band ORACLEBLUE: Backing vocals on I Saw You.

• Jeanette Kreuzburg: Backing vocals on You Will Be Saved.

• Carmela Ciliberti: Backing vocals on My Provider’s Got My Back.

• Carla Carriga: Backing vocals on Still I Will Praise You.

• Nori Kelley of Forestgreen Studio, Myrtle Beach, SC: Engineering of flute & backing vocals for I Saw You.

• Joshua Silicato Photography CLICK for more info 

• Ed Hazlett: Web Design 

• Sydney Alston of

Thank You
Chair in field with 2 edits_1.jpg

Photo by Joshua Silicato


To the Lord, God, (Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit) you are worthy of all my praise.

To my parents for your Godly example and constant love.

To all those listed in the credits, especially Todd Kreuzburg from Brick Room Studio,

I am very pleased with all of your contributions, and blessed by the outcome.

To my siblings for your teaching, critiquing, supporting, and performing with me.

To my good friends for your feedback on many demo tapes and your support,

Especially Angela Carrillo, for your constant encouragement to do what I love.

To my musical teachers and pastors.  May the Lord bless you greatly.

To you, the listener.  I hope you are encouraged and ushered into the Lord’s presence.

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